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The EASY4BED® sheet:  the solution for successful companies

EASY4BED® is a patented sheet that adapts to all kinds of beds. Its design, combining the fitted sheet and the top sheet, simplifies and speeds up the restoration of the bed on a daily basis. It now take you less than a minute to make your bed afresh.

Specially designed for the medical and hotel sectors, the EASY4BED® sheet generates substantial savings in terms of time and labour. The aviation and tourism sectors are studying this solution for its undeniable advantages in terms of logistics.

Customizable and made to measure, the EASY4BED® sheet offers a guarantee of hygiene and irreproachable comfort and is easily treated in industrial laundry facilities.

Make your bed in 30 seconds !
While controlling and saving your energy !


  • Reduces the time needed to make a bed by 4


  • Keeps the sheet in place all night


  • Guarantees incomparable hygiene


  • Simplifies the work of staff and preserves its health


  • Optimizes logistics and storage


  • Compatible with industrial laundries


  • Custom sizes, materials and quality


  • Personalization of sheets

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Sheets for hospital facilities

In the medical field, sheets are a guarantee of comfort and hygiene for patients.

Particularly adapted to medical or paramedical structures (hospitals, clinics, old people's homes, medical & social establishments (EMS), establishments for elderly people (EPHAD), hostels, homes for the disabled, nurseries, etc.).

EASY4BED® sheets speed up bedding changes and reduce caregiver workload.

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Sheets for hotel facilities

The EASY4BED® sheet is the ideal solution for all hotels that need to adapt to changes, reduce logistical costs and preserve the health of their staff.


Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and other tourist facilities are making substantial savings with EASY4BED® sheets.


Easy cleaning in laundry

The design of EASY4BED® sheets facilitates their processing in industrial laundries.


They have been approved by the leaders in professional cleaning.

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