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Sheets for hospitals and paramedical facilities

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In the medical environment, sheets are a guarantee of comfort and hygiene for the patient.


But in most hospital or outpatient departments, the protocol for making up a bed takes two people at least 3 minutes per bed.


This time-consuming procedure is costly in terms of personnel, and few departments perform this activity optimally.

Most of the time, caregivers must perform this repetitive and tedious task alone.


EASY4BED® allows a single person to make a bed in 30 seconds, and/or easily change the sheets of a bedridden patient.


In understaffed wards, this is a significant time-saver that relieves the health and workload of caregivers.


EASY4BED® is also the ideal solution for home care workers.

“Let’s take full advantage of the efficiency of each situation.”



A guarantee of hygiene & quality

The top sheet allows a better regulation of the body temperature during sleep.


It preserves the privacy of the sleeper while providing a feeling of well-being and comfort.


The EASY4BED® sheet is very practical for caregivers in charge of bedridden patients whose mobility is reduced (for example, in orthopedics, intensive care...).


The EASY4BED® sheet does not drag on the floor. It reduces the risk of nosocomial infections by avoiding contact with the floor.


During heat waves, the EASY4BED® sheet helps to bear the heat while preserving the patient's privacy.

A significant gain of time


The time that nursing staff spends dressing a bed is not negligible.


Before receiving a patient, the bed is disinfected and prepared. The beds are made up and the sheets are changed in the care unit.


The simplified use of the EASY4BED® sheet drastically reduces the actions required to make a bed.


This significantly reduces the workload of the nursing staff, who (almost) no longer have to lift the mattress.


Handling the bedding of a bedridden person is thus greatly facilitated.


The average time saved is 2 minutes per bed. 

"Save time to improve the quality of healthcare"
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