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Sheets for hotel services

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“The comfort of your customers and the health of your employees are measurable benefits”

In critical times, the hotel and tourism industry has to adapt to logistical and financial constraints that put a strain on operating budgets.


Any savings are appreciable and determine the competitiveness of the establishments.


The daily repair of beds takes time for your staff.


Every minute saved during the setting up of the beds and the maintenance of the rooms represents a significant gain for your establishment.

EASY4BED® is a sheet composed of a fitted sheet and a top sheet, joined in one piece.


This original design allows us to offer our customers a quality bedding, hygienic and sheets that stay in place all night long.


The EASY4BED® sheet is practical, allowing freedom of movement in bed while ensuring that you stay covered while you sleep.


This new bedding concept is the practical and economical solution for professionals who have to make beds repeatedly.

A significant gain of time

The time required to make or remake a single or double bed is an important factor in the room maintenance activity in the hotel sector.


 Every minute saved during this activity has a positive impact on staff productivity and operating costs.


With EASY4BED® a single bed can be made in 30 seconds. To dress a double bed, the same action takes no more than one minute, with a stopwatch in hand!


The logistics of this operation are also simplified by the packaging of the sheets and allow the staff in charge of the rooms to work more efficiently.

Optimize hotel logistics

The design of EASY4BED® sheets reduces the costs of linen processing, fitted sheets and flat sheets, and optimizes the logistics and packaging of sheets in the wardrobe.


The simplicity and uniformity of EASY4BED® sheets simplify their management and significantly reduce their maintenance costs.


Whether you are a hotel, a motel, a Bed & Breakfast, a vacation or hospitality center, a youth hostel, a B&B or a campground, EASY4BED® is the right linen set for your establishment's needs.

Custom sheets that set you apart from the competition

EASY4BED does everything possible to satisfy your expectations and meet the quality criteria that your customers expect.


We offer a wide range of products that allow you to stand out from the competition by customizing your sheets.

A perfect bed even in tight spaces

EASY4BED® is the ideal solution for quickly making a bed in tight places.


Our innovative EASY4BED® bedding solution is thus particularly suitable for berths or cabins in trains, boats or planes, where the limited space can hinder the placement of sheets.

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